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Defoe isn’t happy

September 5, 2010

Daily Wail article

Jermain Defoe isn’t happy with some of the latest publicity pictures of him.

An image of him driving while using a mobile phone is being used by ACPO plc to publicise one of their campaigns.

Defoe and his legal rep claim that ACPO haven’t asked for permission to use this picture and they aren’t best pleased that Defoe is being “exploited” in this way.

Firstly – As I understand it, copyright in pictures rests with the person who takes the picture, not the subject. If that’s right, then Defoe’s permission isn’t required.

Secondly – Here’s a bloke who earns more in a week than I do in a year. I’ve got a hands-free kit for my car, so if I can afford one, so can he.

Thirdly – What’s the betting ACPO roll over and pay compensation to Defoe to make up for the hurt to his feelings?

Finally – Wouldn’t it have been a sign of contrition for Defoe to say something along the lines of “I’m guilty, I should set a better example. Please use my picture to warn others not to BREAK THE LAW!”

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And how will the Daily Mail spin this one?

August 28, 2010

Off duty police officer locks up car thief

I don’t know if Sgt Walker is a member of this forum, but if he is, then well done to him for getting stuck in.

How easy would it have been to walk past and ignore this? How many other people had already ignored this person doing his deeds?

This is what being a police officer is all about. Regardless of the discussions about money, overtime, pensions etc. police officers put themselves back on duty time and time again, because that’s the sort of people we are.

We can’t switch off from the job. We can’t ignore things like this. We are warranted 24/7 – there’s no real time off. Just the occasional break.

Sgt Walker is clearly one of those of us who cares about the job, cares about fighting crime and won’t turn his back on something that needs dealing with. He’s not the only one – there are thousands of us.

This won’t get national coverage. It’s a bobby doing what bobbies do every day. However, if society and government want this calibre of police officer, then I’m sorry, but they are going to have to pay good money for it.

Just one thing – Matt, mate, if you’re going to shop at TK Maxx, at least make sure you’ve got another bag to hide their carriers. It’s just not cool!

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That’ll teach him then!!

August 5, 2010

Driver banned for the 14th time

Words fail me!

Now what do I do?

June 29, 2010

Theresa May axes police performance targets

How will I know I’m doing a good job?

Apparently my job is simply to cut crime. Simple enough –  we lock up the bad guys and girls.

Now all we need Theresa to do is to get rid of performance targets for the CPS, the courts and the Prison Service.

Perhaps then the right people will get put before the court and given the sentence they deserve, not the one that the system can afford?

Back to life, back to reality*…

June 27, 2010

… tomorrow, the gutters will be filled with discarded flags of St George, ripped in disgust from cars up and down the country.

Tomorrow, the papers will be full of anti-German, anti-referee, anti-Capello stories.

Tomorrow, people will talk of little else but the lacklustre performance of supposedly the best footballers England have to offer.

Tomorrow, I will change back all those duties I had to alter to allow more police officers to be available near pubs and clubs next week, changes made in the anticipation of an English victory.

By Tuesday, things will be as they were.

Tonight though, all around the country, men and women will argue, fight, assault and possibly kill one another. These disturbances will be fuelled by cheap booze courtesy of special offers from your friendly local supermarket.

Tonight, police officers up and down the country will be called in to mediate in disputes and arguments, without the benefit of an action replay or a goal line camera. They will make decisions on the spot, in the heat of the moment, based on what they see.

Some of those decisions will be wrong. Not through malice, or seeking to benefit one side or the other, but simply because the officer is acting on what they see and hear.

Tomorrow morning, a lot of those decisions will be carved apart by people who claim to know better but who don’t work weekend nights. Some more of them will go through even more scrutiny by an independent agency. Some of them will make the national headlines.

The decisions we make day in day out can have a dramatic and sometimes terminal effect on people’s lives. We have no technology to assist us either. We get vilified by those around who are watching and like referee Larrionda, some of us will find our names plastered across the headlines.

The only difference is that England were playing a game – we are doing real life!

Perhaps now people can focus on what is REALLY important?

*with apologies to En Vogue

Am I the only one….

June 22, 2010

….who doesn’t really care whether or not England qualify tomorrow night?

If they go through, it will create a load of work for me. The further they go, the more problems it will cause.

The problems won’t just be for me. Officers will have their duties changed at short notice and will end up dealing with the fallout of the probable defeat or even worse, the alcohol fuelled euphoria of an unexpected and totally undeserved victory in the tournament.

Let’s just put it to bed now and get back to preparing to come last in the Olympics.

I wish I could be an armchair hero.

June 8, 2010

I wish I could sit here and solve crimes without leaving the comfort of my home.

I wish I could be able to catch burglars. rapists and murderers simply by making a comment on a media site.

I wish I could have had the foresight to make sure that every armed police officer in Cumbria was in Whitehaven last week at just the right time to prevent a completely unforeseeable sequence of events.

I wish I had the bravery to make derogatory comments about policing in Cumbria and across the  country, without ever having had to do the job.

Instead, I have to listen, watch and read about how more should have been done to prevent a man armed to the teeth from killing twelve innocent people. How police officers should have done this, that and the other. All made by people who have no concept of what goes on outside their lounge.

A few reasonable people have realised that unarmed police officers are not immortal and are not possessed of superhuman powers. The odds were stacked against anyone who came across a man armed with a shotgun. The ballistic protection that we are given is the absolute minimum and at close range, it would probably be ineffective.

This isn’t The Sweeney, or Ashes to Ashes. We don’t have shooters stuck down the waistbands of our trousers. This is a country that baulks at police officers carrying Taser or CS spray, yet when something like this happens, the call goes up for all police to be armed.

I can’t be an armchair hero. I don’t have the time. I’ve got to go and do some real police work and hope that I get home tonight in one piece. I hope that I don’t have to face a man with a gun or a knife. And if I do and live to tell the tale, I hope that some armchair hero doesn’t criticise me for “not doing enough”.

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