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Defoe isn’t happy

September 5, 2010

Daily Wail article

Jermain Defoe isn’t happy with some of the latest publicity pictures of him.

An image of him driving while using a mobile phone is being used by ACPO plc to publicise one of their campaigns.

Defoe and his legal rep claim that ACPO haven’t asked for permission to use this picture and they aren’t best pleased that Defoe is being “exploited” in this way.

Firstly – As I understand it, copyright in pictures rests with the person who takes the picture, not the subject. If that’s right, then Defoe’s permission isn’t required.

Secondly – Here’s a bloke who earns more in a week than I do in a year. I’ve got a hands-free kit for my car, so if I can afford one, so can he.

Thirdly – What’s the betting ACPO roll over and pay compensation to Defoe to make up for the hurt to his feelings?

Finally – Wouldn’t it have been a sign of contrition for Defoe to say something along the lines of “I’m guilty, I should set a better example. Please use my picture to warn others not to BREAK THE LAW!”

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  1. September 22, 2010 20:20

    Just to clarify: the copyright of photographer who takes pictures and the right to privacy of the subject as well as the “intellectual property rights” (if that’s the proper term for a Hotspurs forward) of a photographed celebrity are different things. I don’t know how the right to privacy exactly works in Britain, but at least in some other European countries, picture of a man-in-the-street who was committing a minor offense couldn’t be published just like that. For public figures, particularly politicians and people in business world, the right to privacy is diminished.

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