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And how will the Daily Mail spin this one?

August 28, 2010

Off duty police officer locks up car thief

I don’t know if Sgt Walker is a member of this forum, but if he is, then well done to him for getting stuck in.

How easy would it have been to walk past and ignore this? How many other people had already ignored this person doing his deeds?

This is what being a police officer is all about. Regardless of the discussions about money, overtime, pensions etc. police officers put themselves back on duty time and time again, because that’s the sort of people we are.

We can’t switch off from the job. We can’t ignore things like this. We are warranted 24/7 – there’s no real time off. Just the occasional break.

Sgt Walker is clearly one of those of us who cares about the job, cares about fighting crime and won’t turn his back on something that needs dealing with. He’s not the only one – there are thousands of us.

This won’t get national coverage. It’s a bobby doing what bobbies do every day. However, if society and government want this calibre of police officer, then I’m sorry, but they are going to have to pay good money for it.

Just one thing – Matt, mate, if you’re going to shop at TK Maxx, at least make sure you’ve got another bag to hide their carriers. It’s just not cool!

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