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Now what do I do?

June 29, 2010

Theresa May axes police performance targets

How will I know I’m doing a good job?

Apparently my job is simply to cut crime. Simple enough –  we lock up the bad guys and girls.

Now all we need Theresa to do is to get rid of performance targets for the CPS, the courts and the Prison Service.

Perhaps then the right people will get put before the court and given the sentence they deserve, not the one that the system can afford?

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  1. July 9, 2010 08:16

    The same point I have tried to make on a number of places, but they are all to wrapped up in “luv” with her.

  2. Ted permalink
    July 22, 2010 09:13

    On the face of it is a good start, but as we know politicians only say what they think will do them any good, it is obvious that individual forces are ignoring what she said and continuing as usual, and nothing is been said to those CCs

    Im fed up with coming to work finding another interview room for example is now converted into a office for another ‘team or unit’ who sole job is to create more pointless tasks. print off flow charts and graphs and generall and more bull***t to my working day

    I now spend more time indoors filling out forms than ever before, we now have monthly targets to meet , nothing we do is proactive , trying to prevent crime everything is geared to recording a crime amonitoring how well we respond after the event

    the simple reason is supervision at all levels who cannot manage without spread sheets and graphs they h ave no idea of how to police on a day to day basis, despite what May might say nothing will change as long a swe have manegent culture obssesed with targets

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