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Back to life, back to reality*…

June 27, 2010

… tomorrow, the gutters will be filled with discarded flags of St George, ripped in disgust from cars up and down the country.

Tomorrow, the papers will be full of anti-German, anti-referee, anti-Capello stories.

Tomorrow, people will talk of little else but the lacklustre performance of supposedly the best footballers England have to offer.

Tomorrow, I will change back all those duties I had to alter to allow more police officers to be available near pubs and clubs next week, changes made in the anticipation of an English victory.

By Tuesday, things will be as they were.

Tonight though, all around the country, men and women will argue, fight, assault and possibly kill one another. These disturbances will be fuelled by cheap booze courtesy of special offers from your friendly local supermarket.

Tonight, police officers up and down the country will be called in to mediate in disputes and arguments, without the benefit of an action replay or a goal line camera. They will make decisions on the spot, in the heat of the moment, based on what they see.

Some of those decisions will be wrong. Not through malice, or seeking to benefit one side or the other, but simply because the officer is acting on what they see and hear.

Tomorrow morning, a lot of those decisions will be carved apart by people who claim to know better but who don’t work weekend nights. Some more of them will go through even more scrutiny by an independent agency. Some of them will make the national headlines.

The decisions we make day in day out can have a dramatic and sometimes terminal effect on people’s lives. We have no technology to assist us either. We get vilified by those around who are watching and like referee Larrionda, some of us will find our names plastered across the headlines.

The only difference is that England were playing a game – we are doing real life!

Perhaps now people can focus on what is REALLY important?

*with apologies to En Vogue

2 Comments leave one →
  1. MPS Probie permalink
    June 27, 2010 21:41

    Wise words dude.

  2. June 27, 2010 23:59

    Well said

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