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May 2, 2010

Earlier today, I looked out of my lounge window and saw a car parked opposite.

Nothing unusual about that – except this old knacker appeared to have no lock in the driver’s door.

Now, as a police officer of some years experience, the sight of a car with a popped door lock is enough to set the spider senses tingling. “Has it been stolen?” Is the immediate thought that goes through my mind.

Cynical perhaps – but they have to get into the car somehow.

Then I saw that a young, baseball cap wearing, man was sitting in the driver seat. This raised my level of concern. Was he waiting for a mate as he burgled a nearby property?

I was on the verge of picking up the phone and trying to get through to my local constabulary (always a challenge – Policing Pledge my arse!)

However, I was reassured to see one of our local traffic units cruising up the street. Double crewed, alert and looking to deny criminals the use of the road. My reassurance was short-lived – the traffic car went past without so much as a second glance! I was gobsmacked.

As I reached for the phone, a little patrol car came towards our sus vehicle.  This one slowed down, so I thought that the occupants were going to make up for the oversight of their colleagues in the big car.

The emotional roller-coaster crashed down again as the patrol car drove on. I was so gob-smacked I forgot about the phone!

It must have been just after breakfast at the local nick, as within a minute, a third car went by.

Wonder of wonders – this one stopped. The driver walked over to our baseball capped suspect and began to engage in conversation.

“At last” I thought – someone in the local plod has seen this dodgy motor and taken positive action.

Such a shame that the two cars full of police officers left this highly dodgy looking motor to a single PCSO to deal.

Footnote – it appears that the car had broken down – the PCSO checked the car and driver and appeared satisfied. How the bobbies did this without getting out of their car is amazing.
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