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Blitz Street

April 19, 2010

Just watched a Channel 4 programme recreating a typical wartime terraced street and then bombing it to see what happened.

Apart from the very graphic demonstration of the destructive power of even the smallest German bomb, the most interesting part for me was the attitude of the people who went through day after day of bombing, dealing with death, destruction and immense stress for years on end.

Yes – they were clearly upset and still devastated by the sites they had seen.

Yes – they had lived through one of the most traumatic periods in this nation’s history.

But if you watched it, did you notice?

None of those involved had been paid any compensation;

None of them have probably even considered applying for compensation;

All of them took their tribulations as a part of life and did not seek to blame anyone;

No-one created shrines at the doors of people who had died;

Children were not shielded from the grim realities of the world they lived in;

I’m bloody glad I didn’t live during the war, but I sometimes wonder what the wartime generation must think when they see people awarded huge sums for being called names or for slipping on a wet floor?

If war were declared on this country tomorrow, it would have to be postponed until a thorough risk assessment was conducted. Even if it could be prosecuted, there wouldn’t be enough lawyers to go round to process the claims for psychological trauma and damage that were put in.

Times have certainly changed, but not necessarily for the better.

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  1. Old Codger permalink
    April 20, 2010 20:31

    I was a child during the war and, from when I was old enough to have recollections, lived in rural areas so did not see at first hand the devastation in cities like London. However we all had responsibilities and folk did not talk about rights. That is what is wrong today. Everyone has rights, no one has any responsibility. If one suffers harm it must be somebody’s (elses) fault and therefore they should pay.

    Initially, the emphasis on rights, by left wing governments mainly, was well intentioned. The new benefits provided by government were viewed by many old folk in need as charity and they did not want charity. Hence they were told you have paid for this through your taxes, it is your right, not charity.

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