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If all else fails, blame the police..

April 13, 2010

From the Daily Mirror today

Failing police will be fired under plans to tackle crime and yobbish behaviour unveiled by Gordon Brown yesterday.

Chief constables and other top cops who do not combat problems will be replaced by officers from other forces.

Those in charge of local “command units” will also be demoted or moved if bobbies fail to deal with public issues.

The shake-up is part of a 50-point plan for a “fairer future” set out in Labour’s election manifesto. At its Birmingham launch, Mr Brown said police would serve people “as an individual, as a family, as a neighbourhood and as a community”.

OK – a few things here.

Who is it who created the society in which crime and yobbish behaviour have been allowed to flourish? It certainly wasn’t the police. Perhaps it has something to do with a short-sighted political system, where the ruling party seek only to feather their own nest at the expense of the rest of us, looking for sound-bite opportunities that will increase their chance of staying in power at the next election?

Police officers who fail to perform can already be dismissed under competency proceedings. What happens about members of parliament who fail to perform? We have to wait until the next election to get rid of them, which may explain why Gordon Brown has left it so long!

Most neighbourhood officers know who the troublemakers are on the estates they police. They are the ones with the string of convictions as long as your arm, who in any other country except Britain would be behind bars, where the only people they can annoy are other like-minded oxygen thieves. If you were to spend one month visiting your local magistrates court, I guarantee you would see the same faces on two, three or more occasions. They will have been charged with numerous offences, but because Labour is tough on crime fighters, but not so tough on the criminal, they will yet again walk out of court with a smile on their face, a baseball cap on their head, two fingers up to the press photographer and society in general, with a small fine to pay that will remain unpaid.

I was a custody sergeant for several years and saw the same people in front of me week in, week out. They were (and still are) repeatedly stealing, breaking things, hitting people (both family and strangers) and much worse. They were (and still are) being tested to see if they use Class A drugs and then refusing to attend the sessions that the Labour government insist that we all pay for to try and wean these people off their habit. There are penalties for failing to attend drug assessments and treatments – I know of lots of people who have been charged with the offence, but not one who has actually been punished for it. Whose fault is that?

Mr Brown also seems to have forgotten that it was his party who changed the police discipline code and did away with the punishment of demotion. No police officer can be demoted due to poor performance or poor discipline. There are only two punishments – a warning or a P45. Compare that with the people I described in a previous paragraph and tell me that Labour isn’t tough on crime fighters!

Moving chief officers around is great  – but the people who cause the problems remain in the houses provided by the state, living on the benefits provided by the state.

The answer to antisocial behaviour doesn’t lie in kicking those charged with preventing and detecting it. The answer lies in tackling the underlying social issues that lead to the poor behaviour in the first place. Obviously that’s a lot more difficult and seeing as there are more drug taking, wife beating, shoplifting, child neglecting, benefit scrounging voters than there are police officers in this country, it’s not difficult to see why Gordon and his gang (and to be fair the other parties will be exactly the same if and when they get into power) pick on the easier and less vote-losing target.

Generally speaking, police officers don’t vote Labour, so what has he got to lose?

A future fair for all - unless you happen to carry a warrant card!

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