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Another great day for British “justice”

February 20, 2008
Take a look at this picture

This is Joe Paxton – he was driving a train in the Kidderminster area, minding his own business, when some morons dropped a slab off an overhead bridge.

The slab bounced off one train and went through the windscreen of the cab that Mr Paxton was in. He was knocked unconscious and received serious injuries.

The two oxygen thieves who performed this act of gross stupidity were caught and convicted. One of them was sent down for seven and a half years.

The defence team for this waste of good skin promptly launched an appeal against the sentence. No doubt paid for by Legal Aid funded by the honest tax-payers of this country – you know, the likes of you, me and Mr Paxton.

As a result of this appeal, Daniel Ratcliffe had his sentence reduced to six years, meaning he will be out in three. Free to “laugh and joke” about how he and his mate nearly killed a man.

If I were Mr Paxton and his family, I don’t think words could describe how I would be feeling right now.

Thank you to the Court of Appeal for once again capitulating to the whims of the criminal and ignoring the victims of crime.

You can read the story here.

(First posted on Police Oracle forum 1013 20/02/08)
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  1. Cheerful Bastard permalink
    February 20, 2008 12:44

    Makes me effing depressed reading stories like this. I cant see any solution to the problems facing society, it seems f*cked beyond all repair. This country I feel is going to explode in the not to distant future, heaven help us all if that happens. But it looks like it will take something drastic to save us from this liberal, self serving elite that is the present governing class. The police shulod be able to arrest these effing waste of space judges and politicians, effing useless the lot of them.

  2. Plodnomore permalink
    February 20, 2008 22:29

    Unfortunately, the way things are going with offenders becoming victims and vice versa, it will only be a matter of time before someone takes the law into their own hands and one of these members of the pond life family will be found having had a good hiding, or worse. In such a case, who would society blame? The judges who gave such paltry sentences; the lawyers who used shedloads of public money in legal aid to excuse the offences; the CPS who downgraded the charge so they would have an agreed confession resulting in their boxes being ticked; the Police who failed to protect this upstanding member of the community or the vigilantes who were so fed up with the inadequacies of the whole judicial system that they decided on summary justice? Perhaps the fault lies with the uncaring parents of such children who committed the offence of failing to drown their offspring at birth. In such a case, the offender won’t be laughing any more and will probably not be committing any more similar offences. I’m just waiting for the day, and the legal repercussions, when someone asks a group of drunken yobs to stop urintating in his garden or smashing up his car, is set upon by said yobs and he proceeds to give them all a good hiding. It’ll only be a matter of time.

  3. blueknight permalink
    February 21, 2008 01:03

    The local yobs had a habit of picking on Royal Navy Sailors who would walk from the railway station to the dockyard. It would start off as one on one but if the sailor(s) got the upper hand, more yobs would come out of the shadows and join in with sticks.
    One evening the yobs picked on what they thought were two sailors, but, they weren’t. They were Special Boat Service, The Naval equivalent of the SAS…..and the yobs lost badly.

  4. Big Fat Trucker permalink
    September 5, 2008 22:01

    Recently, I had my vehicle stolen by a known local scrote. I acquired his address from a sympathetic source, with the proviso that if he “fell down stairs”, I had better have a damn good alibi.

    Must remember to book a weekend in Paris around his release date.

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