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Honest, transparent government*

December 5, 2007

There is no greater responsibility than that which you as police officers accept. And there is no greater obligation for us in government than to support you in discharging that duty”.

Gordon Brown, ACPO Conference 20 June 2007

“Dear Gordon – I know what you said about the police in June when you were trying to make a good impression, but I’ve got to do something to get your attention and make it look like I know what I’m doing. So I’ve shafted your mates in the Old Bill and saved us all a few bob into the bargain. it won’t matter too much about having to pay back that £660,000 dodgy donation we had. It’s just a shame that my cunning plan has been leaked by the Daily Telegraph, even though it’s got ‘RESTRICTED’ printed on the bottom.

PS – can I have some of the £30million I’ve saved to set up a fund to buy a new striker for the Villa?**”.

Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary 5 December 2007


** Aston Villa – who revel in the nickname ‘The Villans’ – perhaps all Labour politicians follow this team? (Yes – I know it is spelled differently, but it sounds the same)

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  1. Quetelet permalink
    December 21, 2007 17:17

    I’m in a quandary over this as I fervently believe that this ‘so called’ Socialist Government should stick to the principles upon which the Labour movement was founded, therefore behave with some integrity;then I look at the examples recently shown by your leaders recently, specifically, Brunstrom, Grange, Hughes and Blair and I think that frankly you’re deserving of each other, two shoddy organisations that are unpopular, even disliked, by us mere ‘mops’!

    You might have seen Tommy Sheridan’s misfortune last Sunday (16/12). I have several things in common with Tommy, we’re a similar age, we both graduated from the same university, we’re both lifelong Socialists, although I have strayed on the Capitalist path of mammon, and we’re both on Police Bail! Tommy perhaps has the kinder heart, as he said that he would continue to support your pay claim, I frankly harbour too much hatred in my heart to be so charitable!

  2. December 21, 2007 17:56

    So Quetelet, the truth is finaly out.

    Your beef with the police is due to the fact that they had the temerity to lock you up!

    I hope that your case proceeds swiftly to a just and fair conclusion. In the meantime, please feel free to go and moan and groan at someone who might be remotely interested.


  1. Thanks for (less than) nothing!* « You’re Nicked!

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