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Look who’s looking

April 24, 2007
Like a lot of bloggers, I’ve got some code on my site that tells me who has been looking. It only tells me the ISP, not your name and address, so don’t worry too much.

Some large organisations are able to provide their own internet service, so they are easier to recognise, so it was a pleasant surprise to note that the powers that be are taking an interest in what some of us are saying.

Whether they will actually do anything useful in response remains to be seen.

So by now you are wondering who it is that is looking at this site – if you are a typical nosey copper, you will have already looked at the image, which is a copy from my stats site. PC Bloggs should also take note!

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  1. PC Bloggs permalink
    April 24, 2007 17:28

    It’s ok stan, they’re only looking because they need some policy ideas!

  2. Stan Still permalink
    April 24, 2007 18:17

    Here’s one for them then


  3. Anonymous permalink
    April 26, 2007 21:43

    Take a look and read at this. Chicago Police Officer responds to a disturbacne by himself and shoots and kills and unarmed citizen with absolutely no cause. The Chicago Police Department then attempts to conceal the murder. The video and the accompanying article explain it all in depth. What are your comments in the UK?

  4. Stan Still permalink
    April 26, 2007 22:17


    I haven’t looked.

    My comment? This isn’t America, in case you hadn’t noticed?

  5. Anonymous permalink
    April 27, 2007 11:10

    Above The Law: Chicago Cops Out Of Control
    While Most Officers Are Honest, Those That Do Wrong Are Rarely Disciplined

  6. Stan Still permalink
    April 27, 2007 11:13


    Could you take your campaign somewhere else please? I have no interest in Chicago, or any other American city for that matter.

    Perhaps you should find the State Governor’s blog and post your stuff on there?

  7. Donna permalink
    April 28, 2007 08:15

    How about making the comment to above, “What about all that help you promised us?”

    I say, “us,” I actually mean, “you,” ’cause I’ll never be a, “one,” that is part of, “us,” so long as, “us,” includes the, “them,” that … um … er … I think I’ll go have a lie down.

  8. Sergeant Simon permalink
    April 30, 2007 00:41

    I’m more interested in this code. I have as much internet ability as a 5 year old (which I think is quite reasonable, to be fair, but a 6 year old would whup me) and I want some of this reverse-snooper code malarkey.

  9. ReallyEvilCanine permalink
    April 30, 2007 11:57

    Sadly the views are unlikely coming from MPs but rather their support staff taking breaks from sorting the mail into “support” and “don’t support” piles.

  10. Whichendbites permalink
    May 5, 2007 20:22

    I expect they have meetings about this and produce lovely statistical bar charts to see who is being sufficiently productive, definately not me. Keep up the good work

  11. Stan Still permalink
    May 5, 2007 20:42

    Cheers Whichendbites.

    I’ve put you on my sidebar

  12. Whichendbites permalink
    May 8, 2007 20:34

    Thanks, I appreciate the support.

  13. Sayonara permalink
    June 3, 2007 08:32

    It’s the ones who don’t leave a trail behind them you have to worry about.

    That’s the problem with blogspot – limited opportunity for using your own, erm, ‘custom defences’.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    June 19, 2007 11:29

    That’s not the ISP of the viewers, it is the referrer. It means a lot of your visitors were first reading, and then clicked a link from his blog to your site.

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