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They have really lost the plot now!

March 7, 2007
Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been in a mellow mood and nothing has really grabbed my attention to the extent that I felt a post was necessary.

This has changed in the last day or so. A couple of things happened the other day that I will post about in the future, but today, Dr Reid and his crew have really gone to town.

The latest weapon in the fight against illegal immigrants is the SMS. This isn’t some highly sophisticated tracking device, or some sensing equipment installed at all ports. No, I refer of course to the humble text message!

The lunatics in charge of the asylum think that sending a text message to someone who has overstayed their welcome in this country will send them scuttling to the nearest airport with bags packed. How the hell will this work?

Consider the situation. You have travelled half way round the world in the bottom of a tea chest, intent on finding the Nirvana that is Britain. You managed to get yourself under a lorry at Calais and now here you are. Alternatively, you may have entered the country perfectly legally, with a little stamp in your passport that says it is OK for you to stay here for a bit, as long as you get out within the next six months or so. After three or four years of no-one from the Immigration Department knocking on your door, life is sweet.

The last thing that either of these people will do is to give the Home Office a ring, just to let them know their new mobile number. “Hi, I’ve been in the country for three times longer than you said I could be, can you let me know if there is any more money waiting for me at the post office?”

Instead of wasting money and making themselves look like complete prats, Home Office staff should be looking at ways of tightening border controls and taking POSITIVE action to get rid of the money grabbing crooks who come over here on the pretext of claiming political asylum.

I could say more, but if I don’t get some sleep very soon, my head is likely to explode into a torrent of extremely nasty abuse directed towards our so-called leaders! They couldn’t lead the way out of a phonebox.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 7, 2007 16:39


  2. Anonymous permalink
    March 7, 2007 20:55

    u nd 2 lv r cntry kthxbye

  3. Bystander permalink
    March 9, 2007 20:23

    It’s called This Week’s Bright idea That We Will Forget Next Week – bollocks for short

  4. Dinoplod permalink
    March 12, 2007 20:07

    Keep posting.
    It’s hard to fit a Blog in at times but we must continue to spread our own version of the truth. Don’t let them win without any resistance.

  5. Anonymous permalink
    March 14, 2007 00:09

    In this day and age it’s strange how the true meanings of words seem to take on the opposite meaning to the Chav class, doctors used to look after the sick but now the sick like to call themselves doctors, Mr Reid M.P., mad person.

  6. Charlie Lima permalink
    March 15, 2007 14:37

    I agree I mean how would the text read?

    Hi m8, john reid here. soz time is up. pls leave now.

  7. Whichendbites permalink
    March 19, 2007 17:10

    I am sure you will find something interesting to post about. Paperchase series……excellent. This doesn’t include all the stat crunching stuff where we have to justify our arses to someone in an office somewhere who collates on behalf of someone else, who produces league tables of various content to allow the SMT to see who is hitting the relevant targets of the day. Also, spare a thought for the Fed’s info covering the pay award review. It appears that to be ‘modern’ and ‘efficient’ the answer is to remove the indexing arrangement. If so we will be rather well shafted in the future pay talks I would imagine.

  8. Anonymous permalink
    March 20, 2007 21:22

    The Police and education have a similar problem, targets. Wherever targets have been introduced they have ruined the system they were meant to improve. As a teacher, I am in the proces of setting up an e petition on the website of 10 Downing Street with the purpose of abolishing targets from Education. It should appear within the next 10 days. Please look and sign if you agree with it. I would suggest the same be done for the police service. Good luck and thanks.

  9. GirlNextDoor permalink
    April 7, 2007 16:21

    That is a great idea! I mean, Mr Illegal will recieve the text & immediately go home & pack his bags to leave for his mother country. Alternatively he could just press ‘delete’.
    John Reid, the person who fails to grasp reality.
    Im sure you’ll find something to blog about, it’s always a good read :o)

    *last comment didnt publish properly

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