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Been away

February 17, 2007
To escape the wonderful weather we’ve been having recently, we took a week off and went abroad. Now suitably thawed out and back home to check what has been happening while I’ve been away.

Big news is the shooting of a fifteen year old in London. Other bloggers have already had their say – my only comment is that I predict that very soon one of these young “gangstas” will be shot dead by an armed police officer. Guess who will be to blame?

Sorry, no, I have got another comment. What’s with all this ANPR and intelligence led stop-check nonsense? Get a Section 60 up on the whole area, flood it with bobbies and search every one aged between 10 and 30 who dares show their face. The law of averages means that eventually they’ll turn someone over who is carrying a gun.

On the subject of the behaviour of children and the lack of control of parents. I’m seriously thinking of writing to all the major tour operators to suggest they ban children under 12 from flying. If not, then make the rear section of the plane the child zone and put a soundproof barrier between them and the rest of us who don’t want to see kids standing on seats or hear them screaming and moaning for the whole journey.

And what is it that stops parents from taking responsibility for disciplining their own children? During the flight, I heard two different parents threaten their kids with “fetching the pilot” if they didn’t behave. Why can’t they just tell the little sods to sit still or give them a clip if they don’t behave? It’s like those parents who threaten their children whenever a police officer walks past (a rare event according to the Daily Telegraph) by saying “he/she’ll take you away if you’re naughty”

Stopping now – before the post holiday feelgood factor gets wiped away. Back to work soon!

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  1. Possible Piper permalink
    February 17, 2007 23:19

    Yes yes! Parents need to take responsibility for disciplining their children and bringing them up properly.

    But then these are probably the same parents who don’t take responsibility for their own behaviour either. It’s all someone else’s fault for giving that job to that woman over there who can spell Curriculum Vitae and wore a smart trouser suit to the interview, what’s wrong with my white Adidas tracksuit?

    Sorry, overgeneralising there perhaps.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    February 18, 2007 01:18

    The Police/Social Services stop parents from disciplining their children. Decent parents don’t want to see the inside of a custody suite when kiddy goes to school and says “Mummy hit me / stopped me going out etc…

    The only threat they have is is third party (pilot / police officer) will take you away.

    Those who are familar with the custody suite don’t care anyway.

    Thus two groups who can’t discipline.

    That explains the under 13’s. Over 13’s – how can the parents be responsible when they leave the house? You can’t keep them at home until they are 18 and expect well rounded adults to result. It seems to me that 25’s now behave as though they are 16 and maturity doesn’t hit until about 32.

    S60 is all very well but it does have to be intel lead and not generic searching. The benefit is that reason do no have to be given to the subject. I was stopped during the miners strike because we were a group of blokes in a car at the Dartford Tunnel possibly coming to the Kent coalfields. We were all no trace PNC (not known / not wanted) but it alienated some againts the police for a long time.

  3. Annette permalink
    February 18, 2007 17:31

    I have just left a message on blackinblues blog. He has wrote about the gun crime.
    Tony Blair has just ordered a review of gun laws to help police deal with Britains inner-city gang culture.
    He is considering proposals including lowering the age at which the mandatory 5 year sentence for carrying a gun can be imposed from 21 to 17.
    Police will also be given more powers similar to those of the New Serious Organised Crime agency, to mount surveillance of the homes of people suspected of possesing and using firearms.

    I thought that would help and be an improvement.

  4. john cramer permalink
    February 19, 2007 22:34

    Why not bring back Fathers. You must remember them. Big blokes who kept things in order.

  5. George Dixon permalink
    February 20, 2007 11:55

    So Bliar’s already made owning guns illegal and that’s made sod all difference.
    So now he’s going to make it even more illegal. Wonderful!!

    Still if he gets us all raging about being charged more for driving, perhaps we’ll forget this is an unsafe country to live in. Till we get shot.

    I threaten my cat with Tony Bliar and it makes no difference though.

  6. Donna permalink
    February 22, 2007 12:27

    If a kid is so mucked up about their life and self esteeme that they have to get a gun, should it presumed to be poetic justice if they shoot the parents?

    As for kids and airplanes, just give ’em a parachute and chuck ’em out over the Atlantic. Or if they’re over land, simply omit the parachute.

    What? Cynical? Me? Nah, just fed up of parents that can’t/won’t discipline. I have friends who are parents and they seem to manage it somehow.

  7. del permalink
    February 27, 2007 06:45

    john cramer said…
    Why not bring back Fathers. You must remember them. Big blokes who kept things in order.

    February 19, 2007 10:34 PM

    Mine was a bullying bastard of a Met copperwho blighted my first 35 years. Bring him back and I’ll come and cap you myself you simplistic twunt.

  8. Lesley permalink
    August 13, 2008 14:53

    Sorry Anonymous at 1.18, but the police and social services don’t stop anyone disciplining their kids.

    My brother and sister-in-law live in a very rough area and have three children – 5,9, and 13 years old. They are all very polite, well behaved and a delight to be around. It can’t be easy bringing children up to be like this in a very rough area, but the fact that their parents are married, have a happy marriage, that my brother works, and that they strive to be good parents has made all the difference.

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