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Isn’t this what we’ve been saying for years?

January 12, 2007
No apologies for lifting yet another article from the Wolverhampton Express & Star. I wish I could have written this myself!

The ability of this government to spend our hard-earned taxes on fatuous projects involving hordes of non-jobs knows no bounds.

A classic case, as we report today, is the recruitment of “Communication & Reassurance Officers” to let people in the West Midlands know that crime is under control and all is well.

There are two immediate problems. The first is that the message is a grotesque lie. Violent crime is steadily rising.

And while the overall level of recorded crimes may be falling, no-one seriously believes this reflects the true situation.

In an age when shoplifting and burglaries are not even investigated, who bothers to report crimes?

Millions of times every year, despairing victims of crime realise there is no point in either making an insurance claim or calling the police.

The second problem in this new exercise is that it diverts money from important things.

Genuine reassurance and communication come not from soothing words and dodgy statistics but from big, reliable, police officers on the beat.

Instead of more beat officers we get a new generation of £23,000-a-year spin-doctors trying to tell us crime is not all that bad.

The prospect of well-paid, bright-eyed optimists breezing into sink estates to preach contentment to the battered and burgled locals is revolting.

But it is what we have come to expect. For this is Blairism in action. It is presentation over performance, spin over reality.

It is New Labour reaching out from Whitehall into our neighbourhoods to bend the facts before our eyes.

It is not reassurance but pure propaganda. And we are paying for it.

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  1. ExtraSpecialCopper permalink
    January 12, 2007 23:32

    Perhaps its about time to just say “look, were doing crap because of this this and that” then perhaps things can be done rather than trying to tip toe around pointless schemes and ideas. Get to the root cause for goodness sake!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    January 13, 2007 13:11

    Can you change the text colour? I don’t suppose I’m alone in finding light blue text on a dark blue background hard to read.

  3. PC South West permalink
    January 15, 2007 18:32

    Half the problem is the inability for anyone to stand up and tell the truth.
    A chief constable perhaps to stand up and say how bad things are. No chance of that since the government made it possible for the home secretary to sack chief constables. It’s all about the lack of balls to speak the truth.
    People are more interested their own success than serving the public.

  4. Essy permalink
    January 16, 2007 01:05

    Are you serious ? You want a chief constable to stand up and say that light blue text on a dark blue background is unacceptable. Furthermore they can get sacked for saying it. No wonder this country is in the mess it is.

  5. BigFellainBlue permalink
    January 16, 2007 20:52

    And PCSOs are just Policing on the cheap, who can only do basic tasks what a great idea from Mr Blair!!! Why didnt the Home Office just employ less and pay more and fully train them as PCs?? Surely that would have a dent in crime and a proper dent not some fictictious admin detection and it would share the work.
    Sorry Im thinking common sense again I will never get promoted at this rate!!
    I have spoken to PCSOs and most of them are just using this as a well paid stepping stone to joining the force proper and are usually gagging to help more but cannot due to restrictions.

    Good Blog Stan just linked you to my site.

  6. Stan Still permalink
    January 16, 2007 22:49

    Thanks BigFella – I’ve returned the favour

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