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Need for secrecy

December 19, 2006
Here’s a blast from the past – does anyone remember November 2006? Seems like ages ago, but cast your mind back to this post “To Blog or not to Blog”

A Police Review reader has written in with his view and seeing as PR quote stuff from my blog without asking permission, I’ve copied this for you all to read.

Need for secrecy

I thought the subject of police blogs had been well covered in Police Review after Simon Hepworth’s recent comment (PR, 8 November) and the subsequent replies that this attracted. But how wrong I was, as now PC Dave Morgan has had his say (PR, 1 December). As these two articles oppose police weblogs, I have to question if Police Review has lost its impartiality?

As for the comment about weblogs being published under a cloak of secrecy, maybe this is because in our apparently free and democratic society, anyone naming themselves is likely to be invited to meet their friendly complaints and discipline/professional standards department.

Following those views, I take it if I were on patrol and came across a gas leak near a block of flats, I would not alert the residents who lived there as this would affect their view of their gas supplier, and could result in a loss of confidence in the supplier?

PC Richard Rafeek, Lothian and Borders

Thanks Richard – and if you are a reader of this blog, could you leave a comment on how your letter was viewed by your management? That’s if you can get away from being on suicide watch for every single shift!

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