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Misquoted by Police Review

December 19, 2006
For those of you that read this worthy tome, you will have noticed that they included a small review of this blog in a recent “Blogwatch” feature. The reviewer wrote this about it.

It’s not much, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

On a more serious note, ‘You’re Nicked’ also talks about the Independent Police Complaints Commission, with his comment that he believes riot policing is too confrontational. ‘If I am in the front line and you and your mates are trying to get past me, you are going to feel the back of my shield and it serves you right,’ he adds.

Unfortunately, their “Blogwatcher” seems to have misread this post. I don’t think riot policing is too confrontational. I stated that the IPCC think it is too confrontational, which was the whole point of the post!

Perhaps this was the reason for the recent pay rise shambles? I bet that all along, the Official Side had agreed to our 3%, but it was all misquoted by some hack on the PR newsdesk.

Keep watching guys, but try and get it right next time!

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