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It’s that time of year again

December 2, 2006
Time for the annual Drink-Drive campaign

This also means that the old, old excuses for being over the limit are also being trotted out.

Examples include

“It’s your fault for stopping me” (Yes honestly)

“The barmaid said that two large glasses of wine wouldn’t put me over the limit”

“Are you sure the machine is working properly?”

“I’ve had a sauna, so the dehydration has put me over”

Get real folks – you’re over the limit purely and simply because you drank too much and then drove.

Putting aside the ever more “hard-hitting” (media speak for hideously expensive) advertising campaigns, anyone who doesn’t realise the dangers of combining alcohol and automobiles isn’t really safe to be allowed out without a chaperone.

If you’re not sure – get a bus or a taxi. It could be one of us knocking on your door on Christmas morning to say that daddy won’t be able to open the presents, due to him being in a cell. That’s if daddy is lucky – he could be in the mortuary.

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  1. Annette permalink
    December 2, 2006 20:15

    How do we know for sure if we are over the limit?
    If you drink regularly you can hold your drink better.

    Anyway, it’s christmas….let us go on our merry way.

  2. Stan Still permalink
    December 2, 2006 20:18

    The only way to know for sure is not to drink.

  3. Annette permalink
    December 2, 2006 20:19



  4. Stan Still permalink
    December 2, 2006 21:08

    No it isn’t – it’s December the bloody second. Another 23 days to Christmas. Another 23 days of people getting pissed, fighting, driving whilst drunk, arguing with spouses, getting into debt – all in the name of “festive spirit”.

    In the words of Jim Royle Christmas – My Arse!

  5. Annette permalink
    December 2, 2006 22:31

    Oooops! Sorry, didn’t mean to make you so angry.

  6. PC South West permalink
    December 2, 2006 22:36

    Annette I posted before I read your comment anyway, so don’t worry.
    But drink drivers do wreck lives, I have seen it first hand.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Noddy permalink
    December 5, 2006 00:23


    Go on – sign up as a Special and then get to see first hand what’s going on. A few years before I joined full time a drunk driver nearly killed me – no joke – I changed seats in the back of a car 30 seconds before the eejit’s car ploughed into the side where I had been. I would not have survived had I not moved.

    Surprisingly I am civil to drunk drivers, but under the veneer I could scream at their complete stupidity and moreover selfishness. That drink REALLY isn’t worth it, is it?

  8. James permalink
    December 6, 2006 16:21

    Someone known to me is serving nine years in prison for causing a fatal car accident whilst drunk.

    By the way, do the drink-driving laws apply to cyclists?

  9. Anonymous permalink
    January 30, 2007 01:33


    yes they do. being drunk in charge of a pedal cycle……..

    drink drivers make me sick. i had one in the other day, a high level official from high level service….and this person blamed all but themselves, and demanded they be released immediatly or we would all lose our jobs.
    when this person eventually provided 2 samples, and gave the highest reading from a machine known to my district in years, the drink driver simply laughed and said that they would get their solicitor to get them off.
    perhaps the 3 year ban this person recieved shut them up for a while

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