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Joined up Government

October 14, 2006
In the news today, the Government are publicising a “hard-hitting” (which is media speak for too dark, too loud and completely pointless) video, warning of the dangers of binge drinking.

This is the same Government that changed the licencing laws to allow pubs and clubs to stay open all night. The “logic” behind this was that drinkers would not rush to finish their alcopops and all leave the pub at the same time, thus making them safer, more responsible drinkers (Yeah right)

Some police forces are having to review shift patterns to cover the extra hours that licenced premises are open. This is fine, but a limited number of officers can only work a limited number of hours, so they won’t be available for patrolling the areas that deserve police attention.

Sussex Police is one such force (if I had a subscription to Police Review I would link to the full article) so if the good people of Brighton wonder why crime has gone through the roof, it’s because the overworked, overstretched bobbies are required to stop drunken yobs from beating the crap out of each other all hours of the day and night.

It could be me being cynical as usual, but I fail to see how this video will persuade anyone not to go out and get bladdered, when all the pubs and clubs are doing their best to get as much down their customer’s necks as possible.

On the bright side, while there’s a demand for extra patrols, there is overtime available which should help soften the blow of not having had a payrise this year. Thanks Gordon – don’t hold your breath for MY vote! Of course, there’s another dilemma – Do I volunteer for public order patrols or do I volunteer to look after displaced convicts?

Choices, choices!

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