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The Met v The Rest

September 21, 2006
Those of you who read the comments on my posts will note that some of our friends from the Met have talked about the offence of TDA and contemptuously referring to “those up North” who use the phrase TWOC.

Both these acronyms relate to the offence of Taking a Conveyance Without Consent (Section 12 Theft Act 1968)

TDA stands for “Taking and Driving Away”. Can I just point out to all you Met boys and girls that nowhere in this legislation does it refer to “driving away”? It refers to Taking WithOut Consent (hence TWOC). TWOC can be committed without driving away. Boats are conveyances – no-one “drives” a boat.

Perhaps in the old days of the Larceny Act there was some reference to “driving away”? If so, don’t you think it’s time you caught up with the rest of the country and used the current legislation for your acronym as well?

There – got that off my chest! Stand by as loads of regular readers log out for ever.

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