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Road tolls proposed

August 6, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Nationwide road tolls ‘outlined’

And who will be the ones who end up paying? Yes, the same mugs who pay for their cars, their insurance, their licences, their MOTs and their vehicle excise licence.

What will happen to the significant minority who don’t feel any obligation to adhere to the motoring laws? That’s right, they’ll continue to use the roads with impunity, safe in the knowledge that the chances of getting caught are small and even if they are, the courts won’t do a damn thing.

If tolls are introduced, then could some of the funds be put towards traffic officers? No, not those HATOs (who do a fine, but limited, job) but real life fully trained and empowered police officers. If you travel the roads as regularly as I do, you’ll be amazed at the complete lack of police presence on the motorways and A-roads.

Speed cameras don’t catch bad drivers, uninsured drivers or drunk drivers. The only way to make the roads safe is to have a visible and powerful deterrent.

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