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The blogger in chief

July 22, 2006
I know one of my fellow cop bloggers has already mentioned it, but I think it is worthy of as much publicity as possible.

Having read the first few entries of Chief Constable’s Blog by the chief of North Wales Police, Richard Brunstrom, I have to say I admire his bravery! He has openly criticised the Home Office and also admitted that he is “drowning in paper!”

Well join the club, boss. The important question is, what are you going to do about it?

Unfortunately, there is no RSS feed to the blog, but in the spirit of constabulary comradeship, I’ve sent the chief a note, congratulating him on his innovation and suggesting he might add a feed so we can all keep in touch. I won’t add him to the blogroll just yet, in case he gets a visit from Professional Standards and is threatened into closing down!!

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