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July 17, 2006
For the benefit of Ritika, who is reading this and other police blogs in the hope of finding true love.

My vital statistics remain classified, but I can confirm that I am very happily spoken for and I am not in the market. Having been a member of the Divorce Club once before, I have no intention of renewing my membership. You also mentioned something about biological clocks, which in my mind means babies and my baby-making equipment has been tampered with. Does the word “Jaffa” mean anything to you?

If you really want to date a police officer, please bear in mind the following.

1 You can guarantee that the night you planned a romantic dinner a deux will be the night your partner gets called in early.

2 You can also guarantee that the afternoon you plan a little trip out with your lover will be the afternoon they are kept on duty.

3 It goes without saying that the day you want to spend doing something extremely exciting is the day after your other half finishes nights and they will be too knackered to do anything but sleep.

4 If you are still in the market, try visiting the Uniform Dating web site. If all else fails, there might be a nice traffic warden going spare.

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