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It’s the same the whole world over

July 4, 2006
For those police officers in the UK who think we are hard done to – it happens in other countries as well.

Mrs Still and I met up with some of her relatives from New Zealand, who are here on a visit. As usual, the conversation got on to what people do for a living.

After I revealed what I did, we had the usual round of “watch what you say and don’t drink too much” comments, then my wife’s cousin told us how the New Zealand police are restricted by political correctness and are in fear of complaints if they investigate allegations made against members of certain ethnic minorities.

In addition, some serious offences have been committed by members of a certain racial group, but due to some strange legal precedent, the police can’t touch them. It is all dealt with by the elders of the group.

Talking to him, it became clear that there isn’t much difference between the two countries when it comes to political interference.

Think about it before you move out there!

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  1. MattW permalink
    July 5, 2006 08:27

    I didn’t think it would be. A friend of mine is moving to the USA soon as he’s convinced it’s much better than the UK. I think he’s going to be sorely disappointed. They may not have all the same problems we do, but they certainly have their fair share and more. We’re all just waiting to see how long it takes him to start ranting about how awful the USA is and how much he wants to move to Canada.

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