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June 26, 2006
Interesting to note that the German police managed to find space for hundreds of drunken hooligans over the weekend. I wonder if they have to bother about such things as fifteen minute checks and human rights issues, or is that just us?

It got me thinking about how we would cope if the World Cup came to England. Currently, my force has probably got something in the region of 500 cell spaces across the force area (a very rough estimate – someone may correct me in due course) and it is unusual for any cell block to be empty for any long period of time. To accommodate the number of prisoners that the German police took would incapacitate our system and leave nowhere for the other run of the mill prisoners to go.

Is it worth me buying up some old Group 4 vans and keeping them in storage just in case? I could rent them back to the job and make a fortune!

On a different note – a new entrant to the world of police blogs. Another one from the middle of the country. It’s the use of the word “yampy” that gives it away. Welcome to Midlands PC and “Life in the law abiding Midlands” Yeah right!

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