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Benefit Britain

June 18, 2006
Once again, the Wolverhampton Express & Star says it how it is.

The writer of these articles really needs to get national coverage, so this is my contribution!

The report on benefits fiddling by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a classic case of excusing the inexcusable.

After six years studying the cash-in-hand culture, the foundation concludes that “need not greed” drives people to take informal jobs while claiming benefits.

The fact that this is against the law is barely mentioned.

Nor is there any word about the honest majority who declare their earnings and claim only what they are entitled to.

Today’s report says that those working for cash-in-hand while claiming benefits are “hard-working ordinary people trying to survive day by day.”

In elevating the benefits fiddlers to the status of local heroes in this way, the foundation is doing no-one any favours.

We all know there is one major reason why people work for cash. It is to conceal that money from the authorities.

Britain already has a tax and benefits system designed to encourage hard work. The minimum wage, tax credits, childcare and family benefits have lifted hundreds of thousands of families out of the poverty trap, turning a low income into a decent living wage.

For a dishonest minority, this is not enough. They want to claim as many benefits as possible and then earn extra money without paying a penny in tax.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation may see this as enterprise or initiative but the rest of us see it for what it is – criminal behaviour.

We are all part of society. We give and receive according to our means and our needs and the system only works if we are all prepared to be honest.

Today’s limp-wristed report will only encourage criminality and make the problem worse.

It is yet another little nail in the coffin of an honest nation.

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