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Opinions not allowed

June 17, 2006
PC Copperfield over at The Policeman’s Blog has published the story of a Humberside officer whose cars were stolen as a result of a burglary.

The thieves crashed both of them and as a result, one of them died.

The officer is quoted as saying that he is not bothered that the thief died and for this, it is reported that he will be disciplined by his force.

So that now means we aren’t allowed to have an opinion. The right to free speech is denied to police officers, but anyone else can say what they like about us and get away with it. So much for police officers representing the society they police. We are now considered to be unable to express our own private views, lest they waver from the party line.

Firstly, I hope that the newspaper got it wrong or that they are just sensationalising the story (as if they would!).If however, there are plans to investigate this matter, I trust that the officer concerned receives the full support of the Police Federation and that this ridiculous effort at censorship is kicked into touch.

If anyone from PSD is reading this, I wholeheartedly concur with the views expressed by the officer concerned, so come and get me!

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  1. intellectual idiot permalink
    June 20, 2006 19:00

    shut ya yap

    what do police know

    they just spoil the delusion of the general masses that they are the centre of the universe

    psycopaths… fine

    police officers… NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!

    actually I think at some point all the criminals will be let free and Police officers will be given ASBOS if they even as much as show thier face in public.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 21, 2006 22:07

    I sympathise with the Police Officer’s sentiments, they are quite normal. The problem is that anything that a Police Officer says is thought to reflect on the Service as a whole. The authorities are obviously trying to manage the overall image of the Police Service.

    Surely they can’t successfully discipline this guy unless he has actually committed a disciplinary offence?

  3. thinblueline permalink
    July 9, 2006 09:43

    we are comming for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. !

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