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PM in justice system shake-up call

May 15, 2006
From the Daily Mail – Tony Blair has called for a radical shake-up of the criminal justice system to ensure that the security of law-abiding people is put ahead of the rights of offenders.

My response – Wasn’t it his party that put the system into the mess that he now feels the need to get it out of?

The Prime Minister said it was time for a “profound re-balancing” of the debate on civil liberties to ensure that wrong-doers pay the penalty for breaking the rules.

How long have we been saying this? What does Mrs Blair think?

Mr Blair said the criminal justice system was the public service “most distant” from what reasonable people expected.

And who put it there?

Mr Blair signalled that he believed far-reaching reform was now needed to tackle the problem, saying: “We cannot reform (the criminal justice system) unless we change radically the political, even philosophical, context in which it operates. I believe we need a profound re-balancing of the civil liberties debate.”

Is this a reform of the reforms that caused the chaos in the first place or is this a reform of things that haven’t been reformed yet just to make sure that everything has been reformed to death?

Mr Blair added: “We should not have to fight continual legal battles to deport people committing serious crimes.

We probably wouldn’t have to if you hadn’t capitulated and allowed the Human Rights Act onto the statute books. No doubt the good lady has managed to bank a few pounds for a rainy day on the strength of some of the bizarre cases she has been asked to defend?

We cannot allow violent or drug-abusing offenders to be put back out on the street again without proper supervision and, if necessary, restraint. We cannot have bail requirements, probation orders or community sentences flouted without proper penalty.

Welcome to our world at last, Mr Blair! I wait with eager anticipation the results of the “far reaching reforms” that will no doubt flood out of the Home Office. The acronym writers are polishing up their pencils and the press office are typing out the headlines as we speak,

Let me know when it’s all running smoothly, so I can stop holding my breath!

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  1. ExtraSpecialCopper permalink
    May 15, 2006 19:27

    So now he is deciding to say that everything he has tried to do about crime is a heap of rubbish – yet he is on his way out! Yeah let the next government clean up your mess!

  2. gonorr permalink
    May 16, 2006 19:24

    I dare say the fee’s that the wide mouthed frog women has banked would pay for several more officers out and about.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    May 19, 2006 10:02

    I’ll believe he’s serious as soon as he removes the exemptions that politicians get from the restrictions on false advertising. The day a politician goes to jail for deliberately lying in order to get elected is the day I’ll accept that they’ve become serious about reducing white collar crime. And when early childhood intervention becomes the centrepiece of their crime reduction programs, likewise I’ll acept that they actually want to reduce crime. Until then… dog whistle politics.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    June 23, 2006 08:37

    I was a Magistrate giving over 100 days a year of my time to help the Justice System. I resigned because I felt that the Labour Government was interfering too much by “advising” the Magistrates Association of the need to be less severe in their Sentencing Guidelines.
    The reasons for my resignation were accepted so I wonder how many other Magistrates resigned?

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