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Drugs baron jailed for 22 years

May 15, 2006
BBC NEWS England London Drugs baron jailed for 22 years

Can someone set a reminder on their calendar to make sure this bloke is deported upon release?

I would do it, but if he serves his full term (yeah – right!) I will have retired and be spending my pension before the government of the day snatches it off me to give to asylum seekers or something.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 16, 2006 18:07

    If we can’t deport armed terrorists who hijack airplanes then what chance a ‘mere’ drug dealing extortionist?

    Only good news will be the massive default sentence he will attract following his inevitable confiscation hearing. AND on the same subject, don’t we have bi-lateral agreements whereby foreign nationals serving custodial sentences are sent back to the country of origin to serve their time there? I’ve seen many examples of this – why not pack them off at the start of their sentences?

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