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BBC & IPCC – Working together

May 8, 2006

If nothing else, the title should get me a few hits on a Google search!

To the point.

A story on the BBC* site linked to a page giving information about how to complain about the police.

The article gives some good advice and I particularly like the part that warns about being prosecuted for making a malicious complaint.

Two people had made comments about their view of the police and I couldn’t resist responding to Gerald. He was complaining that he had been stopped by the police for being foreign. I should explain that Gerald is German and was riding a motor bike.

I would defy anyone to identify the ethnic origin of a white European male riding a motorbike in the middle of London. Read my comment on the BBC site. I thought I was quite restrained – had I been in a more grumpy mood, I would have given him both barrels!

*Spot the deliberate mistake!!

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