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New additions

April 30, 2006

Couple more names on the blogroll

Confessions of a Special, written by Extra Special PC – whether that means an additional member of the volunteer police service or an officer with additional skills and abilities I’ll leave you to work out.

Barman’s Words – someone who works in a pub and wants to join the job. Obviously hasn’t been supping the drip tray enough!

Take a look – it’s only fair.

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  1. The Oopsy Daisy permalink
    April 30, 2006 23:39

    ‘Fair’ is not a concept I’d often associate with my thoughts or the wreckage of my attempts to write them down, but I won’t argue with you this time – and thanks for the linkage. 🙂

  2. ExtraSpecialCopper permalink
    May 7, 2006 14:28

    awwww shucks 🙂 thanks for adding me hehe, will add yours (if its not there already, cant remember now!)

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