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Sexism question

April 29, 2006
In one of the offices I have to visit, one of the female members of staff has a calendar, which has a picture of a well known singer on every month’s page.

Some of these picture show this young man in various stages of undress, including shirt open, topless and him just in shorts.

According to the Dispatches programme this week, the fact that some male officers have pictures of scantily clad ladies on their wall makes them sexist.

Does this mean that this female employee is sexist?

Should I create a fuss about it, or do what I’ve been doing for years and ignore it for the harmless bit of entertainment that it is?

Why is it considered acceptable for women to display photos of men, but a capital offence for men to show pictures of women?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 29, 2006 21:37

    This is just my opinion, but I think some women are overly sensitive about equality and making sure they get it. Semi-nakedness is nothing to fight about in my opinion, other things are, one example would be equal pay. Although there are laws about this I know it is still a big issue.

    I don’t think porn degrades women, I think some women choose to participate and others who may not like it, should not watch it!

    Very simplistic I know, but that’s my opinion.

    With regards to the dispatches programme, don’t worry, nina obviously couldn’t find anything better to come up with! Not everyone believes everything TV shows tell us.

    I thought the programme was too sensationalised as I did on the other episode I watched about rubbish.

    Bring back the stuffy balance of the BBC from years ago!

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