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April 26, 2006

So John Prescott “regrets” having an affair with his secretary?

Would I be cynical if I said that I suspect he enjoyed it while it lasted and his only regret is that he got found out?

Yes, I know people from all walks of life have affairs, but how can we respect the integrity of a man who not only deceives his wife, but expects us all to believe that he wasn’t having the time of his life?

Come on Prezza – you’ve had your leg over, now admit that you cannot be trusted and see how your mate Tony looks after you.

One final question – HOW COULD SHE???

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  1. Bystander permalink
    April 26, 2006 19:44

    If adultery stopped you being a politician or apoliceman, we would be rather short of both. It’s a private matter.

  2. gonorr permalink
    April 26, 2006 20:37

    is he still ‘two jags?’ or is it now ‘two shags?’

  3. Special Copper permalink
    April 27, 2006 18:15

    You have to ask what about the mental capacity of the woman Prezza was seeing? Let’s face it, he is more than a double bagger. The ultimate case of power being the ultimate aphrodisiac.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    April 29, 2006 00:20

    A Police Officer gets caught shagging on duty then its disciplinary time. Misconduct in Public Office. Is ‘2 Shags’ not in Public Office then ?

  5. David permalink
    April 29, 2006 10:55

    Let me see, Stan. You think the same of Prince Charles, do you? Was Prescott shagging on duty, anonymous?

    Criticise him for his work in office.

  6. Stan Still permalink
    April 29, 2006 12:35

    Prescott may have been doing the business out of hours. Perhaps we’ll find out more tomorrow when the “lady” in question has her story told in the Mail.

    What is apparent was that he was using government resources to help him carry out his affair, at which point it no longer remains a private matter.

    If people choose to have an affair, in their own time, using their own car, money, flat or whatever, then that is up to them. When people start using their position and resources of their employer to progress their dirty deeds, that is when I take exception.

  7. Sharon J permalink
    April 29, 2006 13:52

    I’m sorry but I don’t really see the connection between a person’s infidelity and their ability (or lack thereof) to do their job.

    I have to go with “bystander” on this one. If we were to sack everybody who had an affair, be it policemen, politicians, doctors, firemen, street cleaners, entertainers or whoever, where would we be left? In one hell of a pickle, I’d imagine.

    The thing I really don’t understand, though, is how anybody could possibly look at JP and think of sex!

  8. Stan Still permalink
    April 29, 2006 17:37

    I’m not suggestin he gets sacked for having an affair, but I would question whether his use of his governmental house and car to further the liaison is an effective use of taxpayer’s money?

  9. Anonymous permalink
    April 29, 2006 21:16

    It’s the sheer hypocrisy of ‘Two Shags’ and his windbag approach to politics. I recall him dripping in approbation for the Tories when some of their number were caught offside in the early and mid nineties (not that there was any shortage of material). Now the boot is on the other shoe as he in strangulated English would no doubt have said – were the subject not himself.

    The affair? private business. The venues and occasions? all ones which call into question his ability to hold the office of deputy Prime Minister. Imagine if some foreign power had discovered this instead of a newspaper. They would have had a field day in blackmailing someone within the heart of HMG.

    So all you would be apologists – think on. Prezza was not some naughty schoolboy caught scrumping for apples. He was a reckless adulterer with a brazen and unthinking approach to infidelity who has the ear of the PM and a large portfolio (pun fully intended) who put the affairs of the heart before the responsibilities of elected office at the highest level.

    Ps he’s a fat bastard.

  10. Donna permalink
    May 5, 2006 07:26

    “One final question – HOW COULD SHE???” Probably a free pass to the congestion charge or something. You know what they say about men and their cars … “two” jags says a lot … geddit? Ok I’ll go back to sleep.

    Being someone who is thigh deep in alternative sexuality, I do go along with much of what is said that private matters are just that, but he could have been a bit more bleedin’ discrete about cheating on his wife; that’s what gets my goat. I may be a raving pervert, but I’m a loyal raving pervert.

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