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Improving family life

April 25, 2006
Tattooed biker fronts foster parent campaign the Daily Mail

This story caught my eye last week. The gent in the story was identified as a shining example of a foster parent when he was checked out by Social Services. Good on him, I wish him all the best with the social misfits that he is likely to end up looking after.

It got me thinking about how some people jump through bureaucratic hoops to adopt or foster children. They put themselves through all manner of interviews, tests, assessments, home visits and general interference in their lives, in order to give children a good home.

This procedure is entirely necessary and completely appropriate. Wouldn’t it be good if every one who decided to have a child by natural methods had to go through a similar process?

At the moment, any couple with working genitals and a couple of minutes to spare can procreate. Whether they want to or not, there is no law stopping them from trotting out child after child. Most parents do their duty and look after the product of their union.

There is, however, the underclass of society who produce children for one reason only. They are the key to endless supplies of benefit payment. Child Benefit, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Social Fund, Disability Allowances, Carer Allowances. The list is endless.

A significant proportion of these children end up causing a significant amount of the problems in society. Anti-social behaviour, crime and poverty spring to mind.

Now, the wonderful Human Rights Act would prevent any legislation to control the reproductive activities of unsuitable parents. They are free to enjoy the benefit of their possessions to do with what they will. What the Human Rights Act doesn’t prevent is the government withholding benefits.

Welfare payments are a privilege, not a right and should be treated as such. Anyone who wants to have children should have to apply for benefits BEFORE they get pregnant. An assessment should be made of the applicant’s suitability as a potential parent, in the same way as foster parents and adoptive parents. Failure to meet and maintain required standards should prevent a successful benefit claim.

There’s nothing to stop failed benefit claimants from having a child, but they do so on the understanding that they will get nothing from the state. They will have to pay their own way.

I suspect that if such a policy was introduced, the birth rate would plummet and condom sales will go through the roof.

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  1. ExtraSpecialCopper permalink
    April 25, 2006 21:51

    so so true! Dont you love reading about these familys with 8 kids who moan their council house is too small and go to papers with their story wanting to get more money ontop of their 30k a year from benefits etc!! Such an easy life, perhaps I should knock a few girls up – have some fun and an easy life! Thanks Mr Blair!

  2. Stan Still permalink
    April 25, 2006 22:31

    I would try it, but the vasectomy makes it a bit tricky!

    You are now on my blogroll Extra!

  3. Geisha permalink
    April 28, 2006 10:46

    Don’t get me started on scroungers

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