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Touting for business

April 6, 2006
What two things do the Law Society, the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Nursing have in common?
Firstly, they are the (non-independent) regulatory bodies for their respective professions, who investigate and punish transgressors of their codes of conduct.
Secondly, none of them, as far as I am aware, have ever advertised for people to come forward and make a complaint about one of their members.
So where do the Independent Police Complaints Commission get the authority or precedent to go around asking sections of the community to come forward and tell them about complaints?
Police watchdog woos young Asians
This is wrong in so many ways, not least of which is that nowhere is it mentioned that they want to improve relations between the police and the community. It seems their only aim is to “raise their profile”.
All this will do is lead to a load of low-level complaints that will end up being dealt with by officers at local stations, thereby increasing the burden on officers who should be doing other things.
Something needs to be done about them!
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  1. David permalink
    April 6, 2006 19:46


    You are wrong!!!!

    The Royal College of Nursing, is a UNION. They would like to consider they are a profesional body, but they ain’t….

    The nursing profesional body is the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    Both of them are CRAP, the RCN, dosn’t support it’s members & while I can’t talk about the N&MC. It’s predecesor the United Kingdom Nurses & Midwives Central Council, the (UKCC), would investigate any complaint, no matter how trivial…

    I know this from personal experience!!!!!

    As an example of two extremes, not mine (thank God), they struck off a nurse for fare evasion, (“We expect the highest level of honesty, from a nurse.”). But kept on the role a nurse who had gone to prison for “non verbal counseling of under age children”.

  2. Stan Still permalink
    April 6, 2006 23:04

    I stand corrected re. RCN

  3. Mark permalink
    April 9, 2006 10:34

    I’m still hoping for something like an IPCC in Scotland, and when I first read what you wrote, I though oh dear, how wrong…

    But, thinking about it, this is a segment of society that I have heard complain unfair treatment, so what is wrong with asking them to talk about this? I think it would be only fair if this were extended to other segments of society, however.

  4. Lennie Briscoe permalink
    April 13, 2006 12:45

    Surely if the IPCC was truely police independant then a member of public would not have to report a “police complaint” at a police station. Let the IPCC handle the whole shaboodle, that will raise their profile (and make them deal with the crap that we have to).

  5. Lippy permalink
    April 20, 2006 06:24

    I know it’s not quite the same thing but when we (solicitors) take on a new case we have to send the client a “Rule 15” letter explaining to the client how to complain about us and who to complain to should they feel the need. And if we don’t send a rule 15 letter out the client doesn’t have to pay for the work done on their case.

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