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A question of intelligence

April 3, 2006

How stupid does this government think terrorists are?

The reason I ask is that a vast amount of money has been spent on installing portable metal detectors at Birmingham New Street railway station.

In theory, it is a great idea, until you consider the reality.

Anyone who does any form of planning will go to New Street and find out that these machines are installed. Instead of going home and sulking, the determined terrorist will walk to one of the other two mainline stations in the city centre and start their journey without fear of discovery. Failing that, they could catch a bus to any of the dozens of stations around the city.

Apparently, similar machines in London have discovered nearly 50 knives out of 10,000 people . Can I suggest that they are guilty of nothing more serious than being incredibly thick in a public place?

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  1. Bystander permalink
    April 3, 2006 21:05

    I am surprised at you. Of course the idea and the kit are useless and will just prove to be a waste of money.

    But they got on the telly!

    Job done, boxes ticked. Crime unchanged.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    April 12, 2006 10:32

    Flint knives, anyone?

    Our ancestors used ’em for thousands of years without any hassle; they even managed to exterminate megafauna across continents with ’em.

    And they don’t show up on metal detectors, either.

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