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Police ‘neglect’ in custody death

March 27, 2006
BBC NEWS Humberside Police ‘neglect’ in custody death

I’ve read this story and I’m not about to defend the negligent actions of the officers involved.

Just one question – has anyone investigated the hospital for discharging a man with a head injury?

The commentary on the custody video states that Mr Alder had been taken to hospital and discharged, giving the officers the impression that he was “acting”.

It would have become apparent that this man was in serious trouble, but would he have survived had be stayed in hospital? Head injuries are a nightmare for any custody sergeant and you can hear the sergeant tell the officers to take the man to hospital. The fact that the hospital kicked him out would lead anyone to think he was fit enough to be out and about.

Perhaps the family can now turn the attention of their protest to the place where the fatal decision was made? Hull Royal Infirmary don’t seem to have been asked to give an account of their involvement.

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  1. Mark permalink
    March 27, 2006 22:20

    I also find it worrying how some pundits on the news say if he was white he would’ve received a better degree of care. I’m sure the days are not long gone when cops – if they thought you were putting it on – would’ve ignored you white or otherwise. I’m not condoning it, just wondering what it was like then (too much of the situation’s portrayal in the media, it seems, is resting on just the CCTV footage). Of course the whole thing is, nevertheless, disturbing. And not that I’m trying to exhonerate the men – I don’t know if they are to blame or not – but the BBC do make an interesting point that it is only the IPCC, now, who mention race (this is after the ’02, and ’03 hearings).

    Just my 2c. Not my eployers views. Blah blah blah.


  2. MJD Medals permalink
    March 27, 2006 23:37

    Well done – first mention I have seen of the actions of the hospital that discharged him.
    As ever the Police seem, on what has been reported, to be in a no win situation – had he been discharged from hospital AND the Police had de-arrested him deeming him not fit to detain AND he had died outside of Police custody I feel sure it would have been reported as the fault of the Police for abandoning him perhaps.

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