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Where are the Traffic Cops?

March 12, 2006
Whenever there is a TV documentary, this rare breed suddenly become extremely active, but once the cameras are out of site, they retreat back into their dens.

This must be the case, because what other explanation is there for the fact that I have driven over 400 miles this weekend, on some of the busiest motorways and A roads in the country and I haven’t seen a single Traffic car?

I’ve seen HATOs (Highways Agency Traffic Officers) and speed cameras galore. So many in fact that I thought my TomTom was about to give up warning me about them all. Yet all these cameras won’t do anything to stop the loonies driving along the motorway with maps open on the steering wheel, or driving with no rear lighs on an unlit road.

Over the years, the number of traffic officers has declined in line with government targets being focused elsewhere. Although reducing casualties is a target, most forces seem to think the easiest and most cost-effective way of doing this is by “safety partnerships”, otherwise known as the Talivan, or speed camera van.

The only way to stop the really dangerous drivers is to have dedicated units tracking down and arresting the perpetrators. GATSO cameras have yet to develop the ability to follow a suspect vehicle.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 21, 2006 03:46

    They’re all unmarked and you’ll never see them !

    That’s my forces’ excuse, anyway…

    I know (being on the inside) that at any given time there are 12 traffic cars out and about in my entire county. That’s assuming they have no: paperwork, enquiries, flo duties, court appearances, rtc’s or grub stops.

    Yep.. no wonder they’re never seen. They just don’t exist anymore.

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