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Radio Five Live

March 10, 2006
I received the following message from the BBC today

Dear “You’re Nicked”

I’m working on a piece for tonight’s Brian Hayes show on BBC Radio Five Live looking at police blogs and the effect the new MPS guidance seems to be having..with a number hanging up their blogging boots. Would you be prepared or able to talk to us about this. Anonymity if needed may be something we could offer.

Best wishes,

Chris Vallance
BBC Radio Five Live

This was my response.


Thanks for the interest in my blog.

I’ve deliberately tried to make myself as anonymous as possible. No-one at work knows that I am blogging, to avoid the gossip getting back to those who might take offence. Unfortunately, it seems far too easy to offend some people these days, so the chances are that someone somewhere won’t like something I’ve said.

Unlike some bloggers, I won’t talk about specific incidents, as this is another means by which bloggers can be identified. This obviously limits the scope of my published material, but it prevents anyone from claiming that I have upset them in any way.

It is sad that the senior officers at the Met don’t seem to have confidence in their decision making and policy making abilities. Were they sure of their ground, then the “challenge” posed by some blog articles would be easily dispelled. I’m not a Met officer, but a lot of the media reports that come out seem to indicate that some senior officers in the Met have lost sight of who they really serve. Ask any front-line officer and they will tell you that the police are here to serve the public. Too many policies are introduced to satisfy Government whims and not enough is done to ensure front-line policing gets priority treatment.

In conclusion, although I am flattered to be asked to contribute, I believe that the risks of being recognised outweigh any benefit that I might get from appearing on the show. One thing I will say about 99.9% of my fellow police bloggers – they, like me, love the job and wouldn’t do anything else. What they don’t like (and I share their view) is the way in which the job has been made more and more difficult by people who have no concept of what a police officer has to put up with.

Good luck with your programme and thanks for stopping by.

Stan Still

I won’t be able to hear the broadcast tonight, so if anyone else catches it, can you let me know how it went?

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Lennie Briscoe permalink
    March 10, 2006 23:26

    I was contacted a while ago.. and never went on..

  2. Donna permalink
    March 11, 2006 09:32

    You can hear it using the listen again service –

    Probably wise not to go on. Is that barrel quacking? *Bang*

  3. Donna permalink
    March 11, 2006 10:04

    Sorry folks, the link is no use – turned out to be a tuesday version and I can’t find a Friday reference to Police anywhere on the site. Guess that without an officer ready to speak up, they probably haven’t got a show.

    Worth keeping an eye on the BBC listen again pages though.


  4. Sharon J permalink
    March 11, 2006 18:56

    I didn’t know about this until now but am wondering whether or not the show went ahead. Seems to me they would have had trouble finding somebody to go on.

    Anyway, keep up the blog. It’s one of the better police blogs out there.


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