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Who is to blame?

March 2, 2006

A lot of stories today about the weather and car crashes.

Some of the commentators have blamed the weather for a spate of minor collisions.

Hang on – since when has the weather driven a car?

Let’s get this straight – drivers cause accidents.

The only reason that vehicles lose control and bump into each other is that the driver is going too fast for the weather conditions. If you have to travel at 5 mph to stay in control, then that is the right speed to be travelling at.

Don’t blame the council or Michael Fish if you have a prang – it’s your own fault!

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  1. M2KB permalink
    March 2, 2006 19:07

    Quite right too. Hellishly disturbing this morning to be overtaken at 50mph+ on an untreated 30mph road with the outside ambient temperature, according to my car anyway, -5C. Lunacy. I almost willed him to not stop at the T-junction. Sadly he did.

    Maybe next time…

  2. Sharon J permalink
    March 11, 2006 18:58

    I learned to drive in Norway (took my test during a snow storm) and after 18 years of driving in extreme winter conditions, I have to agree that there’s no reason for accidents to happen. As you say, drive at the speed the conditions dictate, which is sometimes 0mph. In other words, leave the car at home because it’s too damned dangerous to drive.


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