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Cops and Guns

February 16, 2006

Once again, the popular press is clamouring for the routine arming of police officers.

These are the same newspapers that crucify officers who use CS and batons in perfectly legitimate circumstances.

Imagine the reaction when a patrol officer shoots dead a 13 year old kid who is using an imitation firearm to commit robberies but is too stupid to put it down when challenged?

Until the press, government and senior management can demonstrate a greater understanding of the pressures that officers have to endure, they can keep the guns for those who volunteer.

PS – best wishes to PC Rachael Bown, who with almost two years service may well be one of the most experienced officers on her team, as opposed to the “rookie” that the papers describe her as. This is a classic example of the lack of knowledge of how policing works. It is also an insult to the officers who make up the front-line of policing, the majority of whom are young in service.

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  1. Lennie Briscoe permalink
    February 16, 2006 09:00

    Its well known that the papers are simply looking for a story to sell their editions. The person on the street should know that the re-publication of Iraq abuse photos is simply to sell a few more copies. I think politicians should stop worrying what the papers think and start doing their jobs. The papers don’t control public sentiment albeit they play a large part.

    What it comes down to is having the right tools to do the job safely. If that means guns, so be it. Lets try Tasers first though…

  2. M2KB permalink
    February 16, 2006 12:01

    I quite agree with you there. But it is sad that you are quite right that someone with “just” 2 years service, may indeed be the most experienced officer on section, aside from the PS! On one of our particular divisions, the most experienced officer has 2 years, 6 months service. He is now ‘gifted’ with the challenge of on-section tutoring as well as standing in for the PS when he isn’t around.

    If only the public knew…

  3. Rue St. Michel permalink
    February 18, 2006 14:39

    If the 13 year old is pointing a pistol at a police officer and the armed officer shoots and kills him, that is Darwinism.

    I wouldn’t say the 13 year old is ‘stupid’ – I’d say he’s practising his craft. Better to waste him now than have him commit 25 armed robberies by the time he’s 18.

    Killing the little turd would save the penal system hundreds of thousands of pounds and keep the streets of the shire free and clean.

    Just my 2 shillings of thought.

    Stay Safe.

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