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When is a crime not a crime?

February 2, 2006

When the suspect thinks the law is picking on them.

You know the sort of thing I mean. Those people who complain that the Police don’t deal with crime or anti-social behaviour, then complain when they get caught breaking the law.

The latest example is this bloke:-

A man has been fined £80 for giving a speed camera the finger.
Simon Thompson, 41, gave the middle finger when he spotted the mobile camera as he drove home from work within the speed limit.
Half an hour later two policemen who had been operating the device knocked on his door – and handed him a fixed penalty notice for making offensive gestures under the Public Order Act.
Simon from Colchester, Essex, said: “I accept what I did was foolish and it wasn’t my finest hour. But this shows the police have got their priorities completely wrong.
“I wasn’t giving the officers the finger, I was aiming my anger at the camera. I’ve got as much contempt for speed cameras as everyone else. I’m a careful driver. My licence has been clean for ten years.”
Essex Police said: “The man received the fine because he was seen to gesture several times to officers operating a mobile speed camera in an obscene and offensive way.”

Here’s a man who breaks the law, in full view of two officers, then complains when he gets knocked off. Would he have complained if he had been the target for this behaviour and the police hadn’t dealt with it? You bet your life he would.

Anyone who has been in law enforcement for any length of time could give you a load of examples of this type of behaviour. The media love to have a go at the enforcement of these minor infractions, but they don’t seem to realise that these are criminal offences. If something is forbidden in law, it is a crime to do it. Quite simple.

The moral? If you want the police to leave you alone, don’t commit a crime.

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  1. M2KB permalink
    February 10, 2006 12:11

    To be fair, I can see his point. I always give speed cameras the finger, although they tend to be of the unmanned variety.

    Although if I were manning the speed trap – sorry – “road safety casualty reduction speed management education and pictorial evidential enforcement zone” – I would be rather peeved as well.

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